What are you using in your hair? There are tons of pomade out there! 

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Cock Grease, best I have found. I also like Sweet Georgia Brown in the blue can, but I've heard they quit making it. I'm not fond of the water based pomades, they tend to dry out and make recombing a pain.

So many pomades, so many pomades....

Today, I've got a base of Lucky 13 Tru-Hold with a White Lightning topper.  I've got a bit of a collection of pomades going, all petro or wax except for one.

My two stand-bys are Dax Wave & Groom and Murrays Superior, but my limited collection also includes;

Highlife Light, Cock Grease No X, True Fright light, all three Luck 13 pomades (Tru-Hold, Devils Deluxe, and White Lightning,) Murrays Bee's Wax, and Retro Vinyl water based for when I'm degreasing for a haircut.

I've got an order in from South Side Soaps for some Bay Rum, and Black Cherry, but it's been over a month, so who knows if it's ever coming.  :Shrug:

Lots of pomades on my wish list.


I use Black & White and Dax Wave & Groom at the mo. 

The Rebel Rouser has reviews of loads of different pomades on his blog, which is a fun read - therebelrouser.wordpress.com

Yeah, he's got a pretty good blog going, lots of good reviews.

There are a few guys doing video reviews on youtube too.  John Bergeron comes to mind.  I'll find the link and post it up later on today.

Youtube link.  some good reviews here.


murrays superior with nu-nile or royal crown pomade or sometimes royal crown hair dressing, they're different. sometimes sweet georgia brown. they're still available online.

Devils deluxe at the moment but always looking to try different ones
Try all of them!! I must be honest the king of all pomades is Dixie Peach, out of production but there are a few cans kicking about!! Also love Murrays Black bees wax!

I only use Layrite.

Have been using Sweet Georgia Brown for years, but after discovering Layrite I only use this.

Waterbased and easy to get out of your hair. And it evens attach easier to your hair and easier to model.

I just got my first can of Sweet Georgia Brown and really dig that. Easy to style with but holds really well!

This is my starter collection of my grease habit....

Thought I should uploaded my photo for you guys 5months worth


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